1 - Extensive Informations

1.1 - Compatibility

"Mr The Killer" is currently compatible only with Windows (64 bits versions). I hope to be able to provide a Mac and Linux version in the future.

The game is built using the 3D "Build" engine of the game released in 1996 by 3D Realms: the legendary "Duke Nukem 3D". As at the time, the image is calibrated in 256 colors.

Compatibility on modern PCs is provided by the EDuke32 virtual machine.

1.2 - About the Series

This project is included in the series "Le Tueur". To this day, it is a trilogy of 2D games created using the RPG Maker XP software (the series is available on www.le-tueur.com, but exclusively in french). The events of "Mr The Killer" take place directly after those of "Le Tueur 3".

"MTK" fits in the saga as "Le Tueur 3.5", also named "Le Tueur 3D". It is not essential to have played the previous opus to enjoy this new episode, at most you will miss some references ;)

1.3 - Controls

The game is handled using the keyboard and mouse. When it starts, EDuke32 will automatically switch your keyboard to US QWERTY mode during its activity time.

The keys are appropriately indicated in the table and diagram on the right.

1.4 - Credits

A game by Seb Luca : universe, scenario, music and additional programming.

The graphics are also signed by Seb Luca.

With a few exceptions:

waterbubble (661) watersplash (1380) explosion2 (1890) burning (2270) crosshair (2523)
(source : Duke3D) (source : Duke3D) (source : Web) (source : Web) (source : Duke3D)

Dubbing :

Merween : the female scientist, the picnicking woman, civilian women (citoyenne 1+2+3+5), the female cashiers.
Likali : the teenage girl, the sick woman, the old lady.
Richoult : male civilians (citoyen 1+3, sound 1a).
Appolo : male civilians (citoyen 1+3, sound 1b).
Xzimnut : male civilians (citoyen 2+4, sound 2a).
Angor de Redjak : male civilians (citoyen 2+4+5, sound 2b), the chubby scientist.
Voice synthesizers : security robots and the judge.
Sound effects : mosquitoes and nurses
Seb Luca : The Killer … and all the remaining characters (the woodlouse including).

Thanks to : 3D Realms, Eduke32's wiki, Paul B, Delta from Oniro, the participating actors and the followers (plus you for playing ? :3 ). As well as Mark, Micky C, Player Lin and zykov eddy from Duke4 for their advices.

2 - Item List

2.1 - Health Items

ShopMart Products

It heals you when you are wounded. Milk bottles and Bananas will increase your health of 2 points ; Waffles of 3 points ; Beers bring 4 ; pieces of Pizza 5 and breaded Meats 8 points. The Golden Beers are special : this will give you one point even if your health is up.
This can reduce scratches by 15 points.
This will appease your wounds by 25 points.
Large MediBox
This tends by 40 points. A red one is called a "Über Medibox" and gives 50.
Golden MediBox
This rare MediBox will give you a bonus of 50 points even if you are unscathed.

2.2 - Armor Items

A light shell of 10 armor points.
This item will protect you up to 25 armor points.
A new gilet will give you all your armor points.

2.3 - Weapons

May it be a useful item to you ... when all other weapons go out.
An ordinary firearm but timeless.

Cartridge capacity : 8 or 16 Maximum capacity : 160
The Long Rifle 12 is a strange hybrid weapon, but that makes pretty holes.

Cartridge capacity : 4 or 8 Maximum capacity : 80
Machine Gun
This item plays a tempo that's hard to follow, especially if you're dead.

Cartridge capacity : 32 Maximum capacity : 320
Rocket Launcher
For lovers of fireworks.

Cartridge capacity : 1 or 3 Maximum capacity : 36
This is like a portable barbecue, but more painful. This weapon uses organic "green" gasoline, because we can exterminate while respecting the planet.

Cartridge capacity : 8 Maximum capacity : 48
Land Mines
A good way to trap you enemies.

Cartridge capacity : 1 or 6 Maximum capacity : 24
The Mutoleculator
At first, it had to be a new model of laser pointer. The chance wanted the abilities of this object to make it a surprising weapon!

Cartridge capacity : 4 or 8 Maximum capacity : 32
Ammo Box
This heavy crate countains all these pretty ammo:

Pistol: 16 , Long Rifle: 8 , Machine Gun : 32 , Rocket Launcher : 3 , Eco-Flamethrower: 8

2.4 - Inventory

Meal Box
It contains the equivalent to food for 50% health. You can draw from it when you need cares.
Diving Suit
This sexy suit will prevent you from drowning when you are underwater, at least for a while ...

This activates and stops automatically.
Jam Super Soda
Um... You'll see!

3 - Enemy List

The buzz of this little vampire will make you startle. This likes to appear when you least expect it.
If this creepy creature comes to you, it's not to give a cuddle. It likes cramped and dark places.
Woodlouse Queen
She hates that her children are hurt. Flee if she ever goes to you in anger!
Police Officer
These policemen are not very strong, but they are stubborn! You will not get rid of them easily.
Police Inspector
An investigator specially assigned to your capture. When he has smelled your odour, he will not let you go.
Assault Cop
Ode to testosterone, these agents are go-getters. They are made secure by their bulletproof vest, so they don't hesitate to charge.
Police Veteran
A formidable reinforcement that handels many kinds of weapons. Beware!
Mercenaries are interested in the premium offered for your capture. Be careful: they will lay mines to block the road when you are out of range of their machine guns.
Security Robot
This marvel of technology is a heavy weapon used by the police as a last resort. This is equipped with rockets to counter long distance ranges.
Patrol Robot
After your exploits, ShopMart Industries has developed this surveillance robot to counter you. It is a little more fragile than its predecessor, but much more cunning.
Transgenic Tulip
It seems to be a very cute flower! There is surely no danger in breathing its perfume.
This little demon comes out of his protective shell only to rush on you.
Most civilians are harmless and passive. However, some will be scared at your approach, or annoyed by your aggression. Beware!
Enemies from UserMaps :
Monk Spectrum
A lost soul chasing intruders with his crossbow ; some can also spit fire!
Machines from another dimension, yet with a sense of hospitality of the most terrestrial.
Among Us Guy
An astronaut come for a tribute, he is ready to do anything to defend his ship.

4 - Custom Maps Creation

4.1 - Explanations

The map of E1N1 opened in Mapster32

Inheriting the 3D engine of Duke3D, MTK also allows players to create their own maps. This is done through the Ken Silverman's software "Build", which was made compatible and optimized by Eduke to become "Mapster32" (the executable is in the game folder, or use the shortcut "Map Creation").

People accustomed to this software can quickly adapt to MTK tiles. The others will unfortunately have to spend as many as a few days to learn how to use it (yes: 3D modeling is not as easy as putting on socks).

There are many sites where you can find information and tutorials to guide you. But here are two excellent ones:

> The Duke Nukem 3D Informational Suite (by Ryan Lennox)
> EDuke32's Wiki : Level Editing , Mapster32 Keyboard Commands

That being said, you must know that I have programmed many new features and made some change during the MTK's devlopement. There are now many elements and events that are not originally present in Duke3D, and some relate directly to the creation and settlement of maps.

Some of these functionalities or actors are very easy to use, but others are more complex and have different possible effects - we will focus on this second category. You can learn to master it by using the documentation below.

This is limited to the features of episode 1. Because too few people have been interested in this part of the Wiki for me to draft some more documentation.

Warning: viewing the sections 4.2 and 4.3 carries spoiler risks! D:

4.2 - MTK's Specific Actors

4.2.1 - Enemies

def: OCTABRAIN 1820
Applying to it a pal of 20 or 25 will turns it into a GM Mosquito, flying quicker and biting louder.
Police Officer
def: LIZTROOP 1680
You can change his pal value but his colors will stay the same.

If pal = 26 : the cop involved will be weaker (33% of his normal health) and will always drop a gun once dead.

If pal = 50 : when killed, he will drop a blue key and will not rise again.
Assault Cop
def: PIGCOP 2000
If pal = 18 : the cop involved will be weaker (66% of his normal health) and will wear a grey uniform.

If pal = 50 : when killed, he will drop a blue key.
Security Robot
def: TANK 1975
If pal = 3 : the robot will be more tough (133% of its normal health).

If pal = 33 : when dead, all the EXPLODEVENT1 will explode.

If pal = 50 : when killed, it will drop a blue key.
Mercenary & Woodlouse
def: LIZMAN 2120 & SHARK 1550
If pal = 50 : when killed, each will drop a blue key.

INFO: the Mercenary's shirt can be red by pal 25.
Monk Spectrum
def: SPECTRE 5533
A Spectre with no pal will automatically be dark green. Some pals have certain effects:

If pal = 10 : gets a little more HP and sometimes splits fire balls.

If pal = 12 : like 10, but still a little bit more HP.

If pal = 19 : can split a fire jet and get a high strengh ; will drop a Golden Key once dead.

4.2.2 - Civilians

Female Cashier 2
def: CAISSIERE2 1320
At her death, this young lady will trigger every Respawn whose LoTag equals her HiTag.
Male Scientist
def: SCIENTH0 1596
He is passive until he's attacked or if the player comes near him.

You can place/respawn a spontaneously aggressive scientist by tile 1604.

You can place a unarmed scientist by tile 1597.
def: INFIRMIERE0 1756
She is passive until she's attacked or if the player comes near her.

You can place/respawn a spontaneously panicked nurse by tile 1762.

For a tile 1762 with pal 3 : when dead, the nurse will drop a red key.
def: SERVEUR 2361
The offensive of this character is activated when he is attacked.

You can place/respawn a spontaneously aggressive waiter by tile 2362.
Male Cashiers
def: CAISSIER0 2430
They are passive and can be approached. But when a store employee is killed (manager included), the threat is spotted: every cashier will attack you if you pass near him or if you shoot him first.

You can place/respawn a spontaneously aggressive cashier by tile 2436.
Female Scientist
def: SCIENTF0 2622
She is passive until she's attacked or if the player comes near her.

At her death, she will drop a green LABOCARD.

You can place/respawn a spontaneously aggressive scientist by tile 2623.

You can place a unarmed scientist by tile 2621 (this one doesn't drop a card).
Chubby Scientist
def: SCIENTBOB 2922
If pal = 33 : when dead, he will drop a blue LABOCARD.
Young Girl
def: GAMINE 4353
If pal = 33 : when dead, all the EXPLODEVENT1 will explode.
Male Citizen 2
def: CITOYEN2 4357
If the HiTag of this character is 666, at his death he will add 1 to the variable "mansion".

NB: in each level, the "mansion" variable starts at 0. When it equals 3, MasterSwitches with a LoTag of 666 are triggered. So, this actor can be related to CITOYENNE2 and/or CITOYEN3.
Male Citizen 3
def: CITOYEN3 4371
If the HiTag of this character is 666, at his death he will add 1 to the variable "mansion".

NB: in each level, the "mansion" variable starts at 0. When it equals 3, MasterSwitches with a LoTag of 666 are triggered. So, this actor can be related to CITOYENNE2 and/or CITOYEN2.
Female Citizen 2
def: CITOYENNE2 4379
If the HiTag of this character is 666, at her death she will add 1 to the variable "mansion".

NB: in each level, the "mansion" variable starts at 0. When it equals 3, MasterSwitches with a LoTag of 666 are triggered. So, this actor can be related to CITOYEN2 and/or CITOYEN3.
Big Hurt Boy
def: PATIENT 4385
Do not place more than one by map or their respective beeping will interfere.

4.2.3 - NPCs

Store Manager
def: GERANT 2512
At his death, this man drops a blue key.
Dr Kullys
def: DOCTEUR 4560
At his death, this traitor drops a GOLDEN MEDIBOX.
Train Conductor
def: CONTROLEUR 4400
What a busy man! At his death, he lets go of a red key and triggers every TRAINEVENTS, as well as each Respawn whose LoTag equals his HiTag.
SML Biologist
def: BIOLOGISTE 2600
When dead, he will drop a brown LABOCARD and trigger each Activator and ActivatorLocked with LoTag 686.

4.2.4 - Other Actors

Knife Item
def: COUTEAU 18
You can pick it up like any weapon. This object is destined to cancel the effects of the KNIFE_OFF_EVENT. When the knife is picked up, it also triggers the MasterSwitches whose LoTag is 700.
def: SAC_A_DOS 63 & PANIER 64
It randomly spawn a ShopMart Product. The pal doesn't influence the process.
def: LABOCARD 129
It is spawned by some civilians : BIOLOGISTE (2600), SCIENTF0 (2622) and a pal 33 SCIENTBOB (2922). You can also place/respawn one or more cards in a map. Its color does not really matter, nor the order in which these objects are found.

Collecting one of these cards displays quote 147 and increments the variable "labocard":

In each level, the "labocard" variable starts at 0. When it equals 1, Activators with a LoTag of 680 are triggered. When 2, Activators with LoTag 681 and 682 when equaling 3. It also works with AcivatorLockeds.

Simultaneously, you will be able to use small diodes "LOUPIOFF" (2923). Each is natively a red light that will turn green in these conditions: a LOUPIOFF with pal 0 become green when labocard = 1, if pal 33 when 2 and if pal 34 when 3.
Nuke Button
Warning: now, it is invisible during the game. I made this choice in order to discreetly insert this button into other surfaces (example: at the end of E1N3 -> the "faster" button).
Electrical Cables
def: CABLES 150
This works in two steps. First, when these cables are destroyed, sparks crackle for two seconds. At the same time, the cables can operate with one or more EXPLODEVENT2, which will explode at the end of the delay. This will also trigger Activators or AcivatorLockeds with a LoTag of 690. Only one "CABLES" can work by map

INFO: you can also use the tile "CONTROLECABLE_ON" (880), this display will show "error" once the wires are cut. Use it as a flat sprite, not as a wall texture ;)
Box Lid
def: COUVERCLE 829
Place it so that it closes a hollow box. As in E1N4, if the player approaches the box, a Police Officer will arise from it.
def: PNEU1 1097
Use it as a flat sprite and place it in front of each real wheel of a car.
Beers Vending
def: DISTRIB 1213
Use it as a flat sprite, not as a wall texture.

When this is destroyed, a can of beer is ejected. This can and any subsequent ones have a 70% chance of being the last. The record I encountered during my tests is 24 cans for a single machine x)
Distant Bird
def: MOUETTE 1870
Flatten it on the ceiling and make it transparent. Activating its Hiscan Sensivity (H) will make the bird mortal.
Police Bomber Plane
def: BOMBARDIER 2064
It works ideally when summoned by a Respawn placed on the ceiling. When it appears, the plane moves towards the player. From a distance of 18,000 from the player, this will set its direction and drop a row of bombs.

It disappears when it hits a wall.

A destroyed plane counts as an additional killed.
Police Assault Helicopter
def: HELICO 2080
It works ideally when summoned by a Respawn placed on the ceiling. When it appears, it turns to the player and then goes straight ahead. From a distance of 18,000 from the player, this will parachute three Assault Cops.

It disappears when it hits a wall.

A destroyed helicopter counts as an additional killed.
def: PECHON 2687
It's swimming in peace, without hurting anyone. This can have three different sizes:

Pal 33 generates a small fish, pal 3 a medium one and all other pal a big one.
Snow Cloud
def: NUAGE 4463
Place some on the ceiling at regular distance intervals. At the launch of the level, all the clouds will be invisible and the snow will fall continuously.

4.3 - MTK's Specific Events

4.3.1 - ExplodEvents

Explodes when a Young Girl or a Security Robot with a pal 33 dies.
Works in conjunction with the tile "CABLES" (150).
This one was eventually unused. It does nothing.

4.3.2 - VocalEvents

Plays a sound once under certain circumstances:

If pal 0 and player near (<1600) -> removes 17 health points and plays "TUEUR_reveille.ogg" (E1N1's starting).

If pal 7 and player near (<1600) -> plays "TUEUR_degout.ogg".

If pal 11 and player near (<1600) -> plays "TUEUR_piececake.ogg".

If pal 12 and player very close (<768) -> plays "ovation_courte.ogg" (E1N6).

If pal 15 and player dead -> plays "ovation.ogg" (E1N6).
Plays the sound "TUEUR_secret.ogg" once when it can see the player. I often used this event for secret places discovery.
Plays the sound "TUEUR_consternation.ogg" once when it can see the player.
def: VOCALEVENT4 4880
Plays the sound "TUEUR_hohoVE4.ogg" ("Uh-ho!") once when it can see the player.
def: VOCALEVENT5 4884
This one is reserved to the character of the judge, in E1N6. When it can see the player, it plays a replica of the judge and calls the appropriate QuotEvent:

If pal 10 -> plays "juge01.ogg" and spawns a QUOTEVENT1.

If pal 11 -> plays "juge02.ogg" and spawns a QUOTEVENT2.

If pal 12 -> plays "juge03.ogg" and spawns a QUOTEVENT3.

4.3.3 - PopEvents

def: POPEVENT1 35
It works ideally when summoned by a Respawn. When it appears, it spawn an Assault Cop after 2,5 seconds + a random short time. Note that the cop will get a pal of 18 (grey and weaker).

For example: this event is used in the helicopter assault, at the beginning of E1N2.
def: POPEVENT2 36
The second PopEvent can be triggerd by contact with an explosion's hit radius (you have to place the event very close of the explosion's source for it to work).

If pal 0 -> it spawns a normal Assault Cop after a half-second (this helps prevent the guy from being hurt by the shock).

If pal 2 -> it spawns a lot of debris and makes appear a constant fire.

If pal 3 -> after the explosion, it awaits three seconds, then spawns three cops. For example: this part of event is used at the end of the police van ambush, in E1N2.

<!> Here is an exception because it is not triggered by an explosion:

If pal 7 and player near (<6000) -> a Police Officer will appear among broken glass debris. Remember! It was used in the streets of E1N2: some policemen crossing windows :D
def: POPEVENT3 4881
It works ideally when summoned by a Respawn. When it appears, it awaits about two secondes, then it spawns a random enemy among these three:

50% chance of Police Officer. If not, 75% chance of Assault Cop. If still nothing, the spawn will be a Mercenary.

4.3.4 - Other Events

When a Train Conductor dies, each TrainEvent turns into a Police Officer with a pal 26.

A Respawn doesn't take into account the desired palette, hence this event.
Knife Off Event
When it can see The Killer, this prevents him from using the knife. This can only be canceled by picking up a Knife Item.
def: PUSHEVENT 4879
A multifunction event that I mainly used to set off the appearance of Bomber Planes and Helicopters in E1N4.

If pal 0 and player near (<1024) -> it actives the Respawns with LoTag 670.

If pal 3 and player not far (<5200) -> it actives the Respawns with LoTag 671.

If pal 10 and player close (<1984) -> it triggers all Activators, AcivatorLockeds and MasterSwitches with LoTag 675. Every PushEvent with pal 10 on the map will then be erased. This allows to have several triggering spots without risk of repeated activations.
If pal 0 : in the beginning of the level, this will start a countdown. After 5 seconds this will play a lock sound effect, and after the eighth the Acivators/AcivatorLockeds with a LoTag of 699 will be activated. I used it for the jail door, in E1N6.

If pal 23 and player very close (<640) : it ends the level with an animation. I would not recommended to use this event. Because its activation in a UserMap will automatically launch a video of Duke that I was unable to remove, instead of the end screen of my episode 1.
A complex event that I developed for the level "The Trial" (E1N6), it's working in two steps.

STEP 1 : Place a WeaponEvent. At the launch of the level, it will become a weapon item according to the palette you gave it: Palette 10 = a pistol, 11 = a rifle, 12 = a machine gun, 13 = a rocket launcher, and 14 = a flamethrower.

STEP 2 : The weapon obtained, once picked up by the player, will activate a certain LoTag operating on Acivators, AcivatorLockeds and MasterSwitches : LoTag 10 for the pistol, 20 for the rifle, 30 for the MG, 40 for the RL, and 50 for the FT.
QuotEvents 1,2,3
def: QUOTEVENT# 4891,4892,4894
These are certainly useless for your maps. These works in conjunction with some "VocalEvent5" and are used to display the judge's subtitles.

4.4 - Various Infos

4.4.1 - Reserved LoTags

Just to recall you easely wich LoTags are reserved, and for wich Specific Events or Actors. Of course, this must be taken into account only in the measure where you use the triggering sources in your map ;)

LoTags Targets Sources
666 MasterSwitches : CITOYEN2 , CITOYEN3 , CITOYENNE2
670 , 671 Respawns : PUSHEVENT
675 Activators , AcivatorLockeds , MasterSwitches : PUSHEVENT
680 , 681 , 682 Activators , AcivatorLockeds : LABOCARDS
686 Activators , AcivatorLockeds : BIOLOGISTE
690 Activators , AcivatorLockeds : EXPLODEVENT2
699 Activators , AcivatorLockeds : FREEDOMEVENT
700 MasterSwitches : COUTEAU
10 , 20 , 30 , 40 , 50 Activators , AcivatorLockeds , MasterSwitches : WEAPONEVENT

4.4.2 - List of Sounds

When you are creating your maps, it is often useful to have on hand the list of common sound effects (doors, buttons, lifts, ...). This list exists in the "Mr The Killer\sounds" folder, but you can download it here on the right, if it helps.

4.4.3 - Examples of Maps

The game maps are stored in the file "mtk.grp" to keep MTK running smoothly. The regulars will be able to recover these easily. For new mappers wishing to visit these environments with Mapster32, you've got two available options to download copies:

1 - As shown on the left, there's an url-shortcut linked to a ZIP file containing all the maps, in the folder "Mr The Killer/datas".

2 - You can also use that link, since you are here ;)

In addition, as you have probably already noticed: in the root folder of the game are files named "first_test.map" 1 and 2. These are maps I made at the beginning of development, I experienced there the first series of tiles and event as I created it. These maps are immediately accessible via Mapster.